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A whole heap of Code

Quite simply, this is where we give all of the previous steps and designs to one of our incredible developers and say, make it happen. Obviously.

But it's not just any developer. We handpick the best fit for your project to ensure that the development phase runs as smoothly as possible. Our developers are experts in their craft and will bring your design to life with clean, efficient, and well-documented code. We also make sure to test everything thoroughly before launch to ensure a seamless user experience. So sit back, relax, and let our development team do what they do best - turn your vision into a functioning and beautiful website or application.

What Do I Get? illustration of circle


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output of your platform, website or app

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output of your platform, website of app.

The final output

This is where we breath, the part where frankensteins monster lives, the part where your vision comes to life, the part where you can show off to everyone what you have created.

The Process

1 Development

Here is where we hand over all our designs to a developer and tell them to make it happen. This all happens in-house at Drool giving us the unique opportunity to work directly with the tech team, making sure all designs, animations, functions, fonts, colours, images.... and whatever else you imagined, is exactly how you want it.

2 Testing

Before anything goes live for the public to see, we go through a thorough testing process. Building a test environment which allow you, us and even specific user testers, to go through your entire platform to make sure everything is working perfectly.

3 Rolling Out

And now the last part of the journey, rolling your product live. Whether it's a website, an app or anything else, we make sure it is rolled exactly where you want it to be. After this, we also hang around a bit to make sure everything runs smoothly and you know how to manage it.

4 What's next?

At this point, we're going to make you an offer. Something which eases your mind because you'll be able to keep us around, as well it means if anything goes wrong or you come up with some more ideas we'll be here to do it.