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What is Branding?

When it comes to presenting your business or idea, think of it like getting dressed for a night out. Do you want to rock a classic and sophisticated look, or go for something fun and funky? Maybe you want to show off your smarts and expertise, or come across as approachable and down-to-earth.

To make a splash with your audience, think about what they're into. What kinds of colors, designs, and imagery will catch their eye? Don't forget to infuse your brand values and personality into your visual identity, so that your audience can really connect with you.

The ultimate goal is to create a brand that people will remember and love. Whether you're going for a sleek and chic vibe or a more playful and whimsical look, always stay true to your vision and values while keeping your target audience in mind.

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Brand Guidelines

how to use your brand

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Brand Assets

typography styles, colours & textures

Brand Vision

Here we’ll sit with you and understand your business and the market you’re approaching.

We'll need to know

What does your business do?

Who is your target audience?

Do you have any logo ideas already?

Can you send us other brands that inspire you?

What colours do you want to include?

Are there any fonts you would like us to look at?

And most importantly, is there anything you don’t want us to do?

1 Moodboard and design ideas

We'll present you with three design options to choose from, and if you're not quite feeling any of them, don't worry! You can mix and match elements from each concept or even suggest something completely different. We're happy to work with you through two more rounds of revisions until we find the perfect design that makes you say "Yes, that's it!"

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2 Two design directions

Once we've narrowed down your favorite elements and decided on two directions to explore, we'll create some killer designs that showcase our different interpretations of your vision. It's kind of like having a fashion show, but for your brand! And in the end, we'll come up with one amazing design that perfectly captures everything you're looking for (with some room for tweaks, of course).

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3 Final Design

It's time to put the finishing touches on your design and get everything ready for the big reveal! We'll make sure everything is polished and shiny, and provide you with all the assets you need for your marketing and website. Once everything is complete, we'll present it to you in a beautiful PDF along with some helpful tips on how to use your new brand. And then, it's time to launch your brand out into the world and watch it shine!

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