App Design

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What is User Experience & Interface Design?

Picture this: you have an amazing idea for a new app, but it's just floating around in your head. That's where we come in. We'll work with you to turn your idea into a beautiful, user-friendly design that will bring your product to life.

We'll start by mapping out the user flow - that's just a fancy way of saying we'll figure out how people will use your app and how it all fits together. From there, we'll create stunning designs that are not only beautiful, but also functional.

And we're not done yet! We'll make sure that your design is optimized for different phone types and screen sizes so that everyone can enjoy your app, no matter where they are. Plus, we'll provide you with all the assets you need to market your app and make it a success.

So sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting. You'll be showing off your new app to everyone in no time!

What Do I Get? illustration of circle


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User Flow Diagram

soul and personality, strategy of your app

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UX Wireframing

backbone of your app

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UI Design

the skin, dressing up your app with your brand style

App Options

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Native App

a native app without any creative boundaries for both Apple and Android

Backend Infrastructure

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We'll need to know

What is the purpose of your app?

What do you want it to display?

Does it have any specific features and what do these features do?

How many pages does it have?

Do you have any content or assets already available for us to use?

Are there any platforms or websites you would like us to take inspiration from?

1 User Experience Design

Now we know what you want, we’ll start designing the user journey. To you it will look very boring because we’re going to draw lots of squares and circles within different screen sizes, also known as wireframes, we’ll even use lorim impson to represent text (how exciting I know). But this part will allow you and us to see how your platform is going to be used and lets us make sure everything is going to flow as it should. Imagine it like we’re planning a road trip, we’re choosing our routes, the right roads, how long it will take and how much petrol we need. Without this, we would get lost.

picture of ux and ui process

2 User Interface Design

Now the fun part, the bit where we take your vision, your brand, your content and apply it to the User Experience designs. We’ll make it pretty, we’ll have a review with you, you’ll ask us to make changes, we’ll make those changes, we’ll have another review, you’ll ask for more changes, we’ll make those changes and so on, 3 times, or more, if you want more. We’ll do this until you and us are proud of the final outcome.

picture of ux and ui process

3 Handover

Finally, we’ll either handover your final designs or now prep them to be developed. For the latter, we will organise all assets and export them in formats agreed by you, this means you can take your designs and use them as you please once we’re finished. You can show them off to your family, your friends or even your dog.. or, if you want, we can keep working together because you had such a great experience and trust us to bring your platform or website to life.

picture of ux and ui process