The Brief

DigitalPR is an expert in growing businesses online with SEO, PPC/SEM, and SMM services that boost sales and conversions. They approached us to help redesign their brand, create an illustration library, and design a new website. After the brand's redesign and the creation of the illustration library, we began working on the animations to support each of DigitalPR's services. The animations add an extra spark to the website, making the pages come alive and elevating the brand's image.


To wrap up our work with DigitalPR, we focused on implementing the new brand and illustrations into the website's user experience. We used WordPress to create a clean, column-based structure and applied the updated logo, colours, text, illustrations, and animations to the site. The end result is a website that showcases DigitalPR's services with a powerful image and stands out from competitors.

digital pr logo