About Us

Who are we?

It all started with Vicky and me. Me the front-end Developer and Vicky the Graphic Designer, both of us bonded over our love for design and creativity.

Pre Drool, Vicky: was the lead creative for the well know childrens book: Room on the Broom animated movie experience, as well as the installation The Monster. I was Product Lead and Developer for Ampbar, a legal tech business, and a freelance developer, now having built at least 50 websites.

During 2020, we both decided to combine our skills and create Drool, giving us the freedom to help businesses grow. We've now worked with over 20 clients, focusing on Branding, Wesbite Design and Development. We've even built a mobile app that is used across the UK.

Vicky and I are so proud of what we've achieved and honestly can't wait for what else it come!!

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Who Are We Images
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Who Are We Images
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We are small cosmopolitan studio and we want to stay small & diverse embracing individuality making our work unique! Our work always tries to explore the newand even push it out of the normal. And we do it with passion and care. Your project is personal to us!

Applying this to our mission of having fun & enjoying the process. As well as getting inspired by you “clients journey” working with good intentioned individuals. From businesses that want to make a positive impact and passionate individuals.

We like to use the example of a restaurant which sells Fish and Chips, Egg Fried Rice, Pasta Carbonara and Tikka Masala; it can’t all be good surely? We apply this example to our business; We specialise. Rather than offering every service we can possibly do, we stick to what we’re best at: Branding, website design, app design and Development.

Make you Drool worthy..

Our Team

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Victoria Reis

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Alex Lorimer

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Vanessa Ortega

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John Reis

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Nifemi Olulanke

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Raúl Tuozzo

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